Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Deserve more than one day...

For some reason I felt to teach the "Honoring Motherhood Lessoon" to the priest quorum yesterday... Mothers Day. It was good for me and I pray for them. The lesson is based around 3 questions that are supposed to help these 16 to 18 year old normally self centered young men take a moment and realize all that their mothers have done for them. It even includes 5 comments from some other young men that should highlight the subtle ways a mother does so much for them.. for us all. I was impressed that this priest quorum was respectful and I think appreciative of their moms. I know their moms. To a women each is a dedicated and spiritually powerful mother. As I glanced around the room I realized how fortunate these young men are to have such mothers.

As I prepared this lesson and pondered on the mothers in my life I was again humbled by the sacrifice each embody as they raise and bless their families. I am inspired by Becky's devotion to us. Especially now as she and Anjuli work together to assist these young sons of Anjulis. Inspired by Anjuli's many hours of service to them even as she studies and prepares herself to also be a wage earner. I am inspired by Brit's love for her little Abbey and Joy's willingness to again approach the inherent danger in child birth. I am inspired by young families that create in their homes and lives a love and happiness that is a light to all who would see. I am grateful for fathers that will support these mothers. Who will toil away at jobs that might be tiresome and troubling, boring or even dangerous so that mothers can stay home and nurture little ones.
I am grateful for light and restored knowledge that gives reason and hope for these little struggles... and love that makes it all possible.
I am grateful for my mother and sisters who dedicated their lives to raising a new generation of faithful and powerful people. I don't know where I would be today if it weren't for my marvelous mother. Her influence is now felt in almost countless homes. For there are now many mothers who choose to stay home and despite the trends of our world continue to nurture and love and teach and prepare little ones that will become big. Mom didn't like mothers day (I rememner her telling me that more than once) because she felt that one day of remembrance didn't speak the truth of how important mothers were...
That's how I ended that priest quorum lesson... If you really want to honor your mother, show it everyday... everyday...everyday! Just as often as she rises early to show her love and devotion to you.