Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 2010 in the Pacific Northwest

Today's gospel doctrine lesson was from Isaiah 40-49. One of the verses Isaiah 44:3 led us to discuss the role of water in giving life (of course there is much symbolism ) and in the desert water is really a life or death issue. So when I walked out of the woods today at the end of my Sabbath Day stroll I was impressed with how green the fall rains have made our world.
To report on the results of our efforts this summer I have posted a few after the harvest pictures. Becky really turned the garden into beautiful place this summer. The raspberry patch is now a flower garden (see above).

This the bean pole teepee. That's potatoes, squash and green pumpkins in the background. We hope to build a "used window green house"here this fall so next years starts get a better chance.
As you can see from these pictures we are enjoying a lovely fall season. Its supposed to be sunny all week.