Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making a hole to the sky...

One of our wonderful trees died this past year and in the process this lovely evergreen turned a marvelous shade of red and then shed its pine needles. This left us with the need to cut it down. Living in the northwest where there are so many tall, tall trees I found this experience like making a hole to the sky. Here is the new sky we can enjoy.

As you can see the tale is told in reverse as the pictures posted in that order. (Someday I will figure this out like my girls...)

There is nothing like a big fire at the end of a Saturday to clean up the refuse and settle ones soul.


Tate drove in last evening and got the honors of doing the deed. He did a great job, dropping the 85 foot tree right where we wanted it. Counting the rings we figured it was approximately 65 years old. It would have been sad to do this if the tree wasn't dead already.

This tree greeted our friends and family for the 14 years we have lived on Joelle Lane. Now they will enjoy with us a little more sky. If you look real close you might see the little squirrel that lived next door. It isn't Bosky.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cannon Beach Retreat

Becky and I ventured out to see the world and found this windy and powerful beach a choice place. Of course it was a little rainy and yet wonderfully deserted allowing room to walk and wonder.

Lest one think Cannon Beach is all wind and weather, as Becky enjoyed the shopping at a local cloth store I wondered down the street and found this lovely setting for a family reunion. If you are game many of these homes are all available for us with easy access to the beach and that state park in the background is only a walk down the beach or bike ride away.

This charming little lane could be on the coast of Scotland...
( I am also learning the Iphone pictures up load better for blogging. )