Saturday, March 13, 2010

Watching the wild life at the bird refuge..

This is the gang from Christmas 2009 at the end of our visit at the bird refuge... I don't think we posted. On this day we saw many eagles enjoying the Salmon run.
We enjoyed this sunny March Saturday at the Nisqually Bird Refuge. I really am somewhat of a coward when watching the boys. I like to get them outside where they have plenty of space.

Yes, that's a blue Heron. Conner was asking it why it was standing on just one leg. Does anybody know why they just stand on one leg. I am pretty good at making things up but all I could come up with "the other is tired!".
My favorite line all day was that while everyone else comes to the Refuge to see the wild life I bring the wild life with me. Can you see Colin and Conner climbing over the fence. Colby was waiting patiently in the stroller.

HAB loves BCB

Remember that tree we cut down over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This is the first bench we made out of it. If you look real close you will see a heart carved in the middle telling the whole world or at least those that come and spend a nice summer evening at the Burton's that HAB loves BCB. This was my homemade valentine for this year.

Playing in the snow

After viewing Joy's and Havalah's post about the snow and ice, I thought we should post these pictures of our excursion to the snow. Althought it has hardly snowed here in Olympia we can always find and inch or two or (600 hundred ) here at Mt Rainier. This sledding hill was perfect for the boys as they could aim themselves and take out each other or some stranger with no real damage. I think that's Colin heading toward his mother and Conner.

Yes, it does get deep here. These snow caves really captured the boys imagination. Someday they will get to dig one of these with their scout troop and sleep in it (ok..lay awake) all night. I did it last year except I pitched my tent. I'll bet Anjuli has better pictures of this event!