Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Trip to the edge of North America

Becky and I took advantage of one more day of sunshine for a trip around the Olympic Peninsula. These pictures are from Neah Bay and Cape Flattery, the northwestern most land on the contental United States.

Yes, Havalah I got stopped a lot on the trail for autographs...
As you can see the coast is rugged and a beautiful.

This is the northwestern most land on the continental United States.
Becky is standing here on the platform at that northwestern most spot. The island behind her is the Maka nations ancestrial village and a lighthouse.

Here are a few photos from Ruby Beach, a raw and beautiful example of this wondrous coast

I know you are all amazed by the quality of these photos. No, I didn't carry our new $1,500 digital camera and tripod (just because everyone else did) I used my Iphone.

Leading the music

Coby loves to lead the music in church. We caught this picture on my Iphone. I had it out showing him pictures to keep him occuppied. Then the music started and he took out a hymnal and led the song. As you can see, he uses both hands.


Last week I had a holiday to work on a long overdue of woodworking project. As I neared the end of my work day and was picking up my tools and sweeping the garage I heard Mom(Grandma Zella) reminding Dad (Grandpa Bill) not to bring that saw dust upstairs with him. Many times that day I walked in and out of our home and probably brought some sawdust with me... It was good to remember that warm little home, the cozy basement and the smell of that fresh cut wood.
I only wish I had the skill to turn my wood into things of beauty or use as easily as Dad