Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last week I had a holiday to work on a long overdue of woodworking project. As I neared the end of my work day and was picking up my tools and sweeping the garage I heard Mom(Grandma Zella) reminding Dad (Grandpa Bill) not to bring that saw dust upstairs with him. Many times that day I walked in and out of our home and probably brought some sawdust with me... It was good to remember that warm little home, the cozy basement and the smell of that fresh cut wood.
I only wish I had the skill to turn my wood into things of beauty or use as easily as Dad

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Joy @ Light Bulbs said...

I was out walking with Jackson the other day and I walked by a house doing some remodeling. I could smell the sawdust and it reminded me of Grandpa. You do turn wood in to beautiful things. I love my cradle.