Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grateful for our moms...

Just a note of appreciation and amazement...

This Sunday eve I have enjoyed reading the blogs of our family. They include new exciting video shots of Abbey Burton teaching one and all the principles of the gospel (if we could just understand her celestial tongue); a revelation that Colby Fry is as cute as ever even without his lovely hair... and that the Pennsylvania crew are enjoying the good life on the front row of "Wicked"?... and they are gambling to get there.

We do appreciate your photos and your commentary. As I noted on Joy's blog the glimpses of your lives helps us to know a bit more of your experience even as it makes the heart ache in missing you all.

Mom noted again her love for all you in her testimony today. Grateful for your good choices and your service.

I must admit that we miss you. Even as we are humbled by your courage and hard work to prepare and to serve.

I am enjoying a new book, Ancient Futures bu Helena Norberg-Hodge. It is her observations on the lifestyle of a people, the Ladakh, that live in the region near Kasmir bordering India and Pakistan. The book tells a wondrous story of a people that were living a happy, hardworking "sustainstable" life until they were discovered by western civilization. I was impressed with the closeness of the families and communities. Their personal confidence that the author ascribes to the love and attention of their families; their traditions and a hardworking togetherness of their old villages and towns. As noted things have changed for them as they have experienced western civilization via tourists and modern technology (TV). What were a happy and contented people is now a struggling civilization as their youth are being educated (taught to read and write but not how to live and feed themselves at 12000 feet in a really harsh part of world (like their ancesters have done for hundreds of years). There is obviously many lessons in this book at many levels.

I mention here in appreciation of my families and the culture of the church and culture that has been a blessing to us to encourage the traditions and truths that have blessed our family. Most notably the dedication of our women to choose the path of motherhood and stay home to give our children the roots and foundation that give all of us a sense of worth and confidence of being loved. I know I am grateful for my mother who gave me and my siblings her life willingly and with such love. Becky has proven in so many ways her equal as she has worked so diligently and lovingly for our children. Now to see your families thrive and grow with good fathers and mothers I am indeed grateful. We are truly a wealthy and blessed people.

Thank you for your efforts to raise good children... do remember that your parents and grandparents showed you that true happiness will be found within your families and homes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Havalah and Sierra and Brigg and ....a last visit

Sisters being sisters. This moment of fun was captured as we walked the Farmers Market in downtown Lacey. Brigg and Havalah were visiting one last time before there journey east.

Brigg was trying to master my hidden camera act but to no avail... or was I trying to hide my picture taking?

This was not a hidden camera spontaneous picture. They were posing for this one.

We are missing them...

Pinacle Peak Hike... gotta love those views

Just a note to let you all know that we have enjoyed the blue skies of our summer. David and I celebrated this with a quick hike up Pinacle Peak. As David noted about four minutes up the trail Mt Rainier quickly dominates the landscape and ultimately haunts one as it is in every look over your shoulder up the Tatoose Ridge trail. Its especially daunting to those of us that have not mastered its summit and recall the struggle and discouragement of failed attempts. Someday...

This picture of Mt Adams on the far horizon was really taken as I realized that it is the Goat Rocks to the left. The Goat Rocks was the heart of our High Adventure last summer as we hiked the 30 plus miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. We passed below these peaks on two cloudy, windy but spectacular days.
I said a short prayer of gratitude for my parents as I trotted down the trail Saturday, for they instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and sanctity of nature. I think I realized it last month visiting Utah but understood it a little better again in these far off northwest mountains. What a gift to be able to walk the trails and beaches of this country and know there is a God who has created this for us to find Him. For this knowledge and faith I thank my wonderful parents.

David was not really mad here, his comtemplative mood was just captured by my wondering camera. He is such a strong hiker. We passed two teams of climbers that had "roped up" to make this summit. He led me by a good 50 yards ....
I took this picture to remind me of the mountain beyond mountains of this area and this life. So many times we climb a hill or challenge only to find that it is just one hill in a series that stretches to the horizon. And perhaps that is as it should be.... for there is good purpose in having another goal, another meaningful measure to motivate and move one.
Yes, mountains beyond mountains is a good thing.

A Precious visit to Utah

Let's see if Dad can do this on his own... it's Monday evening, FHE, kind of late and Mom has turned in as seminary starts at 6:00 a.m. I have down loaded some pictures from camera and found them worth sharing. I hope you enjoy also...
As you can see we traveled to Utah to participate in the blessing of little Abbey Burton. Daniel did a great job and we enjoyed a lovely meal with the Bowens. Brit's brother even let me beat him at ping pong. Of course the Bowens weren't sure about the Utah Red mini with the BYU sticker parked in front of their home... but you can't always pick your in-laws!
The precious part of this trip for Dad was just meeting this sweet little spirit. Little Abbey does enjoy the same pleasant disposition that her uncles and aunts and cousins enjoyed with so many smiles for Grandpa and Grandma. She didn't complain a bit on her first hike to Lake Mary.

The interesting part of this trip was enjoying the smile on Grandma Sweethearts face as she drove Uncle Rob's ATV up Squaw Peak rode while exploring the mountains east of Provo. She was ready to buy an ATV herself until she realized that she has one that is red and goes a bit faster. Doesn't she look like she is having fun

The warm weather of Utah was good for Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa really enjoyed the mountain time and was truly amazed at close the mountains are to the valley missing Utah alot as they drove back to the beauty and green of home in the northwest...